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CMGP project


Who implements the road projects under CMGP?


The Provincial Governments implement the projects under CMGP by Contract.

The National Government, through the DILG and DBM, only provides capacity development activities on Local Road Management (LRM) and relevant areas of Public Financial Management (PFM) and financial subsidy for provincial road works, which is downloaded to the Provincial Governments upon their compliance with fund release requirements.

How are the road projects to be funded under CMGP identified?



The Program requires that the projects submitted by the Provinces for funding are identified in their Local Road Network Development Plans.


The projects should be part of their core road network.



How do we determine the allocation per Province every year?

The LRMPAR is the result of the Local Road Management Performance Assessment conducted by each Province every year.


The PFMAR is the result of the Public Financial Management Assessment conducted by each Province and submitted to DBM every three years  

APCPI means Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicator system.

Below is the formula used for FY 2020 CMGP:


Allocation Criteria

CMGP project


the CMGP Allocation

Where does the CMGP yearly fund/allocation come from?


The CMGP allocation is divided among all Provincial Governments (except BARMM, in 2016 and starting 2020) for provincial road works. The allocation is downloaded directly to each Provincial Government upon full compliance with the fund release requirements.

A Support to Operations budget is allocated  under the DILG Fund for Program Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of the completeness and quality of projects, and conduct of interventions under CMGP.



What are the eligible projects under CMGP?


Eligible Work Categories under CMGP


How does CMGP assist LGUs in achieving governance reforms on Local Road Management and Public Financial Management?

Provision of TA on LRM and PFM


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